Our Priorities

The issues New Orleans faces are intersectional, and we need our City Council to approach these issues with appropriate solutions to put People First. Here are some of the priorities that Bob Murrell intends to focus on when elected to New Orleans City Council:



Racial & Economic Justice



Flip The


Protect Workers' Rights

Housing Justice - Housing is a right

    • Codify tax assessments to stop using sales chasing tactics and fairly assess lots in line with other parishes

    • Reduce utility rates that add to housing burden

    • Find permanent housing for unhoused youths and families & reduce the childhood poverty rate

    • Stop commodifying housing - limit short term rentals without homestead exemptions, increase enforcement & collections

    • Expand rental assistance & affordable housing mortgage assistance

    • Secure right to counsel for renters facing eviction

    • Increase public housing & restore HANO waitlistings that were purged

    • Strengthen protections against discriminatory practices for housing, particularly for LGBTQ+ community

Racial and Economic Justice - Heal what has been broken pre & post-COVID

    • Retire failing charter contracts & move schools back to OPSB

    • Fund relocation for residents of Gordon Plaza

    • Continue to decrease the bed cap on the prison population to under 1,000

    • Ban solitary confinement & end money bail

    • Fully fund public defenders office

    • Stop working with ICE & permanently make New Orleans a sanctuary city

    • Reintroduce the Human Rights Resolution

Ecological Justice & Infrastructure - Protecting our greatest resources

    • Execute the mayor's C40 Divest/Invest pledge

    • Aggressively expand sustainability on city properties

    • Regulate Entergy as a public utility and not a profit generator - no more rate increases

    • Hold Sewerage & Water Board leadership accountable & put workers in a position to succeed

    • Roads & sidewalks for all - safe & equitable travel for all people, regardless of physical abilities or modes of transportation

    • Ensure Renewable & Clean Portfolio Standard enforces no carbon-emitting from Entergy by 2050

Flip the budget towards care over harm - Reallocate carceral & police funding back to the people

    • Create a participatory budget for the people to decide where their money should go

    • Increase spending on education, early childhood development, infrastructure, and sanitation

    • Fully fund public health & safety, including unarmed mental health crisis intervention

    • Free public transit & municipal internet access for city residents, workers, and students

    • Expand & support food programs, mutual aid networks, and health services

    • Improve our digital infrastructure and fund technology education

Protect Workers' Rights & Hold Extractive Industries Accountable - People over profits

    • Close subcontractor loophole & ensure all workers get living wages for City work

    • Increase union membership citywide by providing resources and support for workers to organize

    • Decriminalize sex work

    • Public facing registry of employers who violate labor violations that will be prevented from obtaining city contracts or participate in city job fairs

    • Reclaim tax dollars from New Orleans & Co. for hospitality worker & musician funds

    • Push for criminal charges for developers of Hard Rock Hotel

    • Make non-profits pay their fair share on properties, particularly vacant lots & large buildings

    • Create municipal ID program

    • Support Real Name Change campaign & waive name change permit fees in Orleans Parish Clerk of Courts

Transparency & increased constituent engagement - You deserve to have your voice heard & issues fought for

    • Amend Master Plan to implement CBNO's recommended Community Participation Plan

    • Constituent portal for increased engagement, frequent outreach with those unable to use the portal

    • Regular virtual sessions with residents & workers in the district

    • Committed to vote no on deferring for items that have a volume of public input

    • District Days of Service - precinct engagement & small public events to bring people together & improve communities together

    • Regular audits of contact with entities, people & organizations made publicly available