Bob Murrell (he/him) has been a member of the working class his whole life. Bob was born at Charity Hospital, grew up & attended public schools in Old Jefferson, and graduated from Riverdale High School. Both his wife and his mother were special education teachers at public schools & instilled the importance of public education in Bob's life. He currently lives in Bulbancha with his wife, kids, cat, and dog in Lakeview.

Bob loves spreading joy by performing in community theater, improv comedy, and stand-up comedy shows around the region. He was featured on The Gambit's list of Best Comedians and was nominated for a Big Easy Award. He has hosted charity events and fundraisers and has produced a number of comedy shows including Big Easy Live. Since the birth of his first child, Bob has done neighborhood theater with performances in Wizard of Oz at his church St. Luke's UMC and in Hocus Pocus in his front yard on Halloween for the neighborhood.

Bob studied Computer Science at Tulane University and the University of Missouri-Columbia. For over a decade he sold his labor as a software developer, and is currently a technical project manager. He has led teams of workers in New Orleans and remotely around the world, and has honed his skills in solving complex problems with workers and stakeholders to get to the root of an issue, discover the causes, and work towards finding & implementing solutions.

Bob is a member of his local neighborhood association, numerous local organizations,  and volunteers on a number of local campaigns. 

Bob is a democratic socialist, is pro-choice, knows all Black Lives Matter, and is an advocate for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. 

Here are some community organizing projects, campaigns, and coalitions Bob has been a part of: