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Run For Something

Run For Something

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"I believe in Bob Murrell! I believe in his values, his honesty, his integrity. He is truly someone who will work for the people of District A and all of New Orleans. He understands the complexity of the issues we face and is willing to tackle them with moral clarity. In the climate we are in today, we need leaders who exhibit unflinching moral clarity about our path forward. That’s Bob! " - Tammy Savoie, PhD

"Bob Murrell is the progressive candidate that my district needs!" - Kaye The Beast

"His position on fighting the climate crisis" - Marion "Penny" Freistadt  

"Bob Murrell has identified the problems with the current leadership of New Orleans. He shares my sentiment that it is corrupt and lacks a 20 year plan, heck even a 5 year plan. Millennials expect better from our government. Bob Murrell is the best individual for representing the PEOPLE. #GREEN NEW DEAL NOW" - Magdalena Budziakowska, MD

"I believe in his ideas and honesty" - Tara Tebbe

"Bob is one of the most passionate people I know with a goal of making the community a truly better place. He looks past politics to focus on the policies that support people not corporations. He dares to push for more ethical, environmental and economical practices that serve the citizens of this great city." - Will Monson

"I love his ideas" - Dion Ducote

"We need younger, more progressive councilmembers looking to embrace the future and work for everyone" - Jonathan Pretus

"He's for the people, and we need a council member who views City Council as a duty to serve and not a come-up. " - Romy LaCour

"Bob is one of the most competent and kind humans I have ever met in my life. Competence and kindness do not often go hand in hand. To me this is the most exciting elections, because I know this candidate will stick to his beliefs. " - Duckie Lirette

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