The City of New Orleans' budget is over a billion dollars, but 22% of our population lives in poverty. It's time for District A to be represented by a working class progressive community leader who prioritizes people over profit. 

Let's address systemic issues by bringing the change the people demand: put people first. Bob Murrell wants to be an advocate who proactively fights for you, not a politician who reactively responds to issues on their own terms or fights for business and property owners' wallets. 

New Orleans has been in the cone of uncertainty not just for hurricanes, but a housing crisis, unlivable wages, failing infrastructure, and more. These issues have been exacerbated by climate change and the pandemic, increasing the urgency for change. We need an advocate for the working class on the New Orleans City Council to represent your voice on policy & the city budget.   

Progressive International defines "progressive" as "the aspiration to a world that is: democratic, decolonised, just, egalitarian, liberated, feminist, ecological, peaceful, post-capitalist, prosperous, plural, and bound by radical love". Electing a progressive candidate is a win for all people, not the 1% who get richer from the decisions made in City Council.